The thirteenth video in the seriesthumb|right|300px|We saw the lights flicker in her brother's room and I wanted to talk to him. [Amy]


The video begins with TJ and Amy driving at night. TJ talks about how her brother is back on drugs and how he has gone missing lately. It is discussed that TJ's brother is unstable and easy to anger. TJ mentions some relief over her brother being missing, as it allows her daughter Dahlia to get some sleep. TJ leaves the vehicle with $20 to get drinks, leaving Amy alone.

The camera cuts to Amy talking to herself. She talks about how her medications are working well and how she is sleepy. She mentions that TJ's brother told her, "I will cut you". Amy also mentions how her and TJ had been looking for TJ's brother since sunset. She lays the camera on its side while she naps, and Slender Man is seen peering over the wall.

The video then cuts to Amy at the door of TJ's brother's room, trying to talk to him through the door. When he doesn't respond, Amy opens the door and goes in, only to find a mysterious, shadowy figure in the corner. She bolts out, frightened, and bumps into TJ on the stairs. After a fear filled explanation, TJ has Amy stay with Dahlia while she checks.

TJ goes down and checks the room, finding it empty. She finds a photo on the mattress, covered in a black substances, with the eyes whited out, and a dagger. She rushes back to Amy and tells her that the room is clear, calming her down. Amy goes back down, followed by TJ. She notices the black substance on TJ's hands as they go in, and when they go to the room, TJ shows Amy the photo.

Major EventsEdit

  • A shadowy entity appears for the first time, bringing the supernatural count up to three (four if the children giggling is a seperate entity)

Entity SightingsEdit

  • 3:24 to 3:45 - Slenderman is in plain sight with his head peering above the wall
  • 4:04 - A shadowy entity is in plain sight in the corner of the room, which is very likely the Plague Doctor that is later seen in The Underground River.

Analysis and TheoriesEdit

None currently

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