"Turn To Memories" is the fifth series in the TJAProjects vlog canon, which chronicles ongoing mysteries related to the Slender Man and his minions. Turn To Memories is a merger of two of the followup vlogs, Making New Memories and Turn To Clouds, and features the two principal characters of those series: Andrea Shepard and her roommate, Aimee.

The YouTube Channel Description is as follows: Just a distraction from the constant noise of everyday life. I'd gotten this camera in October, haven't used it in months. I can't suffer spending that kind of money for nothing. Also, it may or may not just be me finding a loophole in my New Years resolution of journaling frequently.


Oh, and allow me to warn you a little ahead of time. My roommate is a bit "kooky", to use her own words, and though she probably won't be in most of the ensuing weirdness, it does deserve a disclaimer.

Turn To Memories began on June 20, 2012 and includes the following videos: