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15 New notification on TJAProjects channel:"Vg frrzf qrne Naqern vf gelvat gb znxr fbzr arj zrzbevrf. Zl zvfgnxr, zl sevraqf. Xrrc na rlr ba ure naq xrrc ure fnsr, gur Beqvar vf nyzbfg bss zl genvy. Zheqre qvq n tbbq wbo, ohg Naqern'f arj yvsr vf fgvyy ng evfx. Gurl jvyy or jngpuvat ure. Naq gurl jvyy or jngpuvat lbhe pbzzhavpngvbaf. Qba'g shpx vg hc. --Freihf"

Translation via ROT13:"It seems dear Andrea is trying to make some new memories. My mistake, my friends. Keep an eye on her and keep her safe, the Ordine is almost off my trail. Murder did a good job, but Andrea's new life is still at risk. They will be watching her. And they will be watching your communications. Don't fuck it up. --Servus"

18 First Google+ entry: "I've started looking for an apartment. This house feels wrong. I may search for a roommate or two online. Probably be cheaper and I need friends anyway."

Unfiction user robgmartin got message from TJAProjects channel: "Gryy gur bguref V nz qvfnccbvagrq. Rira jvgubhg Naqern znxvat n shff jvgu ure ivqrbf, lbh sbbyf fgvyy unir abg sbhaq ure. Pyrneyl lbh ohapu pnaabg ernq orgjrra gur yvarf. V jbaqre vs V unir znqr n zvfgnxr gb gehfg lbh sbbyvfu onaq bs vapbzcrgrag puvyqera. qner cbaqhf vqbarn shzb --Freihf"

Translation via ROT13: "Tell the others I am disappointed. Even without Andrea making a fuss with her videos, you fools still have not found her. Clearly you bunch cannot read between the lines. I wonder if I have made a mistake to trust you foolish band of incompetent children. dare pondus idonea fumo --Servus"

New notification on TJAProjects channel: "V fhccbfr urnq vawhevrf pna'g xabpx gur phevbfvgl naq fghoobeaarff bhg bs fbzrbar. Gur Furcneq arrqf gb orjner ure sybpx. Qrhf zvfrernghe. --Freihf"

Translation via ROT13: "I suppose head injuries can't knock the curiosity and stubbornness out of someone. The Shepard needs to beware her flock. Deus misereatur. --Servus"

19 Google + entry:"I've decided to start writing what I understand from the journal that was found with me. A Catholic friend from work told me "Servus" meant "Servant", so I'm trascribing and scanning what I can from this "Servant's" Journal. Maybe it will provide me with some answers."
20 Video Introduction posted
23 Google+ entry: "A coworker mentioned some decent apartments out where he is located here in town so I'll be checking those out this weekend. Also, working on transcribing and scanning the weird journal to see if anyone knows the language its in."
24 Google+ entry: "Hardly able to get sleep the past two days. There is just so much to learn about the world around me. So many darned questions and the Internet has a million answers. Too much caffeine paired with amphetamines and somehow I still managed to function through the past 2 days on less than 2 hours of sleep."
31 Video Ask an Amnesiac #1 posted


6 2 Google+ entries: "I seem to have caught a cold, so no new video this week. Spending time researching new places to live and transcribing the journal. I have one entry up if anyone would like to take a crack at it."


First entry from the Servant's Journal posted by Andrea.

9 Google+ entry: "Long day at work today, or at least it felt like it. Driving 27 miles home in thick fog wasn't fun. It's been way too foggy out on 150 lately."
12 2 Google+ entries: "Had a good time out last night with my coworkers, but stayed out too late so work tonight was arduous at best."

"Forgot to mention, I added another entry from the Servant's journal to that blog thing."

Second entry from the Servant's Journal posted by Andrea.

13 2 Google+ entries: "I put up the next 2 pages of the journal. Off to class!"

"Has anyone been able to decode the entries yet? I'd like to know more about this person."

Entries 3 and 4 from the Servant's Journal posted by Andrea.

14 Video Memory File posted.
15 Google+ entry: "I spent a long time typing up the latest entry. It took forever and now I am going to bed. Work and school, though I am tempted to skip class in the morning. Also, on my YouTube channel there is a locked file that might have to do with my past. Please help me figure it out, and someone let me know if you're making progress on the journal translations."

Fifth entry from the Servant's Journal posted by Andrea.

16 Google+ entry: "Trouble sleeping for the first time since I've been off the dexamp. I guess I'll transcribe more of the journal."
17 Entries 6 and 7 from the Servant's Journal posted by Andrea.

Google+ entry: "Getting a tattoo today of something that has inspired me in my search for my past. The tattoo apprentice said something strange to me when I introduced myself: "So you're calling yourself Andrea now?" I wanted to ask him if he knew me, but he got a phone call and started acting strange. I'm going to try and ask him some questions when I got back in half an hour. I hope he knows something."

19 Video Emotional posted.
20 Entries 8 and 9 from the Servant's Journal posted by Andrea.
22 2 Google+ entries: "Finally back on my hall, but just for a day, tomorrow. Then I get to go out for drinks with a wonderful coworker on Thursday."

"Thought it was about time I upload a picture of myself" with avatar-sized picture of Andrea attached:

Video Package posted.


3 Google+ entry: "I put in an application for an apartment today!"
11 New notification on MakingNewMemoriesAS channel: "Sorry I haven't put up a video in a while, I've been attempting to move out of this house. I started talking to people via a website called Craigslist at the recommendation of a coworker when I mentioned possibly needing a roommate to share the costs of living with. I'm meeting up with a young woman tomorrow who I get along with in town. Anyone with questions about my situation should comment/send them to my inbox. I've been thinking about doing another Ask an Amnesiac video."
12 Google+ entry: "Meeting with a young woman concerning apartment/living situation tomorrow. I hope we get along in person as well as we do in real life."
26 New notification on MakingNewMemoriesAS channel: "Finishing up my move tomorrow! Also, my roommate is really neat and doesn't mind me filming all the time for my memory problem because she likes filming too."

Google+ entry: "It's been forever since I got online. Moving and work have eaten all my time. It was strange because I've never felt more "normal" in my life. I hardly even thought about my circumstances and the package and the journal. Also, my roommate is showing me some awesome TV shows and movies so now I feel like I can keep up with everything popular right now."

27 Unknown sent translated pages 1-9 of the Servant's Journal to Andrea as comments to the journal entries.


12 New notification on TJAProjects channel: "Fvyrapr bire gur cnfg srj zbaguf. Sbe n juvyr V gubhtug Naqern jnf trggvat urefrys vagb gebhoyr. Vg zvtug or bxnl. Zl jbex vf nyzbfg qbar. Gunax lbh. Nyy bs lbh, sbe fnivat ure. V unir bar guvat yrsg gb qb. -Freihf"

Translation via ROT13: "Silence over the past few months. For a while I thought Andrea was getting herself into trouble. It might be okay. My work is almost done. Thank you. All of you, for saving her. I have one thing left to do. -Servus"

12 New notification on TJAProjects channel: "E9:?< 282:? 7@@= %"

Translation via ROT47: "think again fool T"

26 New notification on MakingNewMemoriesAS channel: "Gosh guys I am so sorry to have vanished like I did. Life has been so crazy and busy! Working night shift and just trying to live like a normal person. My anterograde amnesia is almost nonexistent, but I still have no memories from what my life was like before. I have decided to make the best of it. My roommate doesn't know the details about what happened, but she's nice and we hang out sometimes. We've even decided to make a few videos together!"
29 New tweet on TJAProjects Twitter: "Run Servus, run fast. The hounds are on your trail. [b]"

New notification on TJAProjects channel: "Killing one of you idiots wasn't enough to keep her safe was it? You've ruined months of work. They know where I am. They know where she is. And her friend. Now I have to clean up another mess. 3 lives are at stake. -S"

First notification on turntomemories channel: "Hey Andrea Shepard here! I spent some time playing with the videos Aimee and I took together over the past few months and I'm going to (or she will) upload them over the next few days."

Video The Road So Far posted.

New notification on MakingNewMemoriesAS channel: "My roommate and I made a channel together for those that are curious about my condition. It only has one video but we have more stuff coming. For questions about my memory problems/stuff my roomie doesn't know, those can be directed here. Thank you all for your support and check out turntomemories"