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New notification on the FindTheRoom channel: "Surveillance Camera #1 operational. Installing Surveillance Camera #2. Modifying software. Adjusting router for Wi-Fi Connection."
New notification on the FindTheRoom channel: "Surveillance Camera #2 operational. Software complete. Macro altered feed. Microphones functional. Wifi connection established. Patient T recovering. Log updated."


1 Video Camera 1 Testing uploaded.

Unfiction user Shaded Spriter sent a message to the TJAProjects channel: "Those who have been trying to help TJ for a long time have found the tumblr and are willing to help find the room and help TJ escape from both him and the room. We have seen that you have created a new identity for TJ and we are wanting to find out what it is so we can help her escape the nightmare of her past. It won't be very good to contact her with information that will bring back memories of what has happened or to give her contradicting information that might confuse her."

And got a ROT13 reply: "I cannot communicate safely through this web. I'll be in touch. Do not attempt to contact me. The fourteen eyes of Ordine see all. Beware the Siorai. The name is Andrea. -Servus "