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TJA Projects (abbreviated TJA) is the Youtube channel of TJ and Amy , two film students from Illinois, working on their final, which is supposed to be a short film about the Slender Man. After encountering something in the first video, the two get seperated and Amy has a run in with what is believed to be the Slender Man. The original series is concluded, and with most of the series chronicling the aftermath of the first four videos from the initial encounter.

It is discovered in the My Baby is Home video that TJ is a single mom and that her daughter, Dahlia, may be what Slender Man and his cohorts are after.

TJA Projects has four follow up series: Find The Room, Making New Memories, Turn To Clouds, and Turn To Memories. Find The Room is an interim ARG which bridges the original series to Making New Memories. Turn To Clouds also appears to be a follow up to the original series, but from a different perspective than Making New Memories. Both Making New Memories and Turn to Clouds were merged into a new series, Turn To Memories in June 2012.

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