Sight is an adult female being who, along with Slenderman, appears to be a main antagonist. She has long, curly, unkempt hair of a dark brown to black colour. She wears what appears to be a bloody blindfold. She is always followed by the sound of laughter.

Sight also sometimes walks on all fours.

And she has nothing to do with Cursor or the Collective.


My Baby is Home

  • 5:10-5:11

The Stares to Nowhere

  • 4:07-4:26

The Easter Aftermath

  • 3:29-3:53
  • 4:37-5:20

Not Going Back to that Park

  • 3:12-3:39

Going Back + Audio from the UStream

  • 0:40-1:00

Update and Found video

  • 6:20-7:05