mistermurder was the username for an unknown unfiction user and contributor to the ARG element of the Find The Room series. Mister Murder was responsible for physically locating and rescuing Andrea Shepard from The Room, and presumably assisting with bringing her to safety. Andrea has not mentioned anything about this mysterious individual and has not directly commented on them throughout the course of her videos.

Unfiction and IdentityEdit

Once it became apparent that the woman known as Andrea would need to be rescued from her recuperation room, viewers of the series were tasked themselves with physically locating the room. This was eventually solved, but the problem remained that most of the viewers (including the users at were too geographically remote from the location and had no ability to travel to The Room. On November 7, 2011, mistermurder posted to the FTR thread with this comment:

I just made an account to volunteer my service.
I live in Heyworth, about 15 minutes from Downs, IL
Should I head out there tonight or should we get more info from Servus?

mistermurder's unfiction account was created on October 10, 2011 and featured no prior comments or other posts on the unfiction boards. Despite the unfiction community's strident recommendations that mistermurder drop everything and immediately attempt Andrea's rescue - the actual attempt was not performed until some time later and even then was marred by an apparent misunderstanding of the directions and location.

Due to what some saw as unreasonable delays on the part of an individual who was reportedly not very distant from the Room's location, some users began to speculate that mistermurder was in fact part of the creator's production crew or one of the creators themselves engaging with the community directly (a practice which is forbidden on the unfiction ARG forums). After Andrea's rescue, mistermurder's unfiction activity halted entirely and no further comments or activity was seen from the user.

Significance in the SeriesEdit

In addition to physically rescuing Andrea, mistermurder was also responsible for locating the "memory" thumbdrive which contained the memory.rar file.

It was later revealed in tweets that, in-series, that mistermurder was likely killed by the Ordine (or Servus specifically) for his interference or because he knew too much and was a risk to Andrea's continued safety and ignorance.