The series contains multiple characters, and some seem to play a smaller role and have very little, if any, screentime or information




Jake and Dahlia

While a minor character who does not directly appear on screen throughout the course of the series, Jake is suspected to be a catalyst for several of the major events in the series. Jake is also revealed to be the estranged father of Dahlia and TJ's ex. Most of what is we known of him provided by TJ and Amy.

Jake said to have been intended to be cast to as "Slender Man" in the TJ & Amy's prospective Slender Man video project as described in the first few videos. Accordingly, he is suspected as being the perpetrator of a prank on the protagonists when they encounter Slender Man in and around a neighborhood graveyard. It is not until later that TJ and Amy discover that Jake is missing and it is unlikely he could have committed any prank on the two women.


Shadow BeingEdit

A mysterious being, it has only had one or two appearances in the series so far. It either carries with it or secretes a black substance not unlike ink. Speculation is that this figure could be Zalgo, especially because of the eyes being scratched off Dahlia, along with Sight.

"Bird Man"Edit

Bird Man

A clear shot of the "bird man".

Another paranormal being, he has only appeared once, in The Underground River, in the last ten seconds of the video. Due to the darkness and some distortion, it is difficult to tell exactly what the being is