Making New Memories is the third follow up to the original TJA Projects Slender Series. The vlog began on January 20, 2012 with the Introduction video, and chronologically follows the events of Find The Room. The series appears to begin a new chapter in the life of amnesiac Andrea Shepard, who was rescued from a well-furnished abandoned locked room in Illinois in late November 2011.

As noted in the Find The Room series, Andrea Shepard has sustained a case of anterograde and retrograde amnesia. This has caused her to lose all memories of the events of an earlier series, including the existence of several of the main characters and her extended family. A mysterious benefactor has strongly cautioned that the audience and viewers of the videos and those in contact with Andrea against making any reference to the earlier events or Andrea's true identity for the sake of her safety.

The series is ongoing and has yet to provide further clues to the events at the conclusion of Find The Room.