The fifth video in the seriesthumb|right|300px


The video starts with a brief summary of recent events that have occurred since Amy was first attacked. TJ explains how she fears for her and Amy's safety, and that she wants Jake to call and claim it is a prank. Included is a plea for help. It then shows a brief trip to a store which is non eventful.

After this, it cuts to them outside of Jake's home, where they find out that Jake has been missing for a week. It then cuts to them going home, at which point Amy acts fearful and tries to get in as soon as possible, slamming her door once in. TJ's brother gets angry at the noise and after a breif argument, TJ goes into Amy's room, reading her notebook when she flees to the bathroom. She finds something that grosses her out and then goes through Amy's notebook. The notebook shows erratic scribblings that get messier as the pages get turned. TJ then goes into the washroom, forcing herself in.

TJ, upon coming in, finds Amy has torn out her nose ring. Amy acts somewhat calm and mentions ordering pizza while TJ acts a little disturbed. When TJ goes to the door, the footage distorts and she spots Slender Man through the peephole. The camera is turned away from the peephole and the video ends.

Major EventsEdit

  • Amy's scribblings are found, showing a descent into madness
  • Slender Man makes his first easily seen appearance

Entity SightingsEdit

  • At 8:19, you can see Slender Man through the peephole

Analysis and TheoriesEdit

None currently