The 5zer02 crew in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.


5zer02 is the youtube channel shared by Xakk, Tyler and Gavin. Originally it seems to have been intended to be a guide to the city and area around Louisville, Kentucky. Immediately the videos are plagued with audio and visual problems.

Connection to TJAProjectsEdit

According to Amy, Xakk is her ex-boyfriend. Shortly after the 5zer02 guys noted him missing he texted them a message which lead them to a local graveyard (admittedly, Xakk seems to live over the Indiana border, so it's not precisely local for him) where they find Xakk's telephone. Around that time Xakk sends Amy a text message begging her for help and telling her he's losing time and waking up in strange places. Until recently the appearances that the 5zer02 boys have made in TJAProjects has been entirely through telephone. The same of course can be said in reverse for TJ and Amy's effect on 5zer02.

The only connections seem to be Xakk and a strange, tall, mostly faceless figure. Lead by different things, the two crews met up, sans Xakk in the TJAProject video More Questions, No Answers. Tyler recorded and uploaded the same events from a different point of view on 5zer02's channel as Hellsgate. Though befuddled as to how they ended up going north when they were last known going south, the 5zer02 boys stick around for an extended simulcast and during the events of the video find Xakk.

It seems these two groups of people are irrevocably connected by Xakk and by Slenderman.